Traditional Medicine & Psychology

Old medicines have a great impact even today! No wonder some of us believe in the medication prepared by the natural herbs by the ancient Asians and Africans. India and China are pioneers of making the traditional medicines. In India it is called Ayurveda, a practice of medication that is mainly handmade from the juices and pastes of wild leaves collected from the domestic and forest plants and trees. They even made the medicines from the plant barks.

It is heard that the ancient Chinese doctors used to prepared medicines for the patients suffering from psychological traumas or related syndromes. Even today, the ancient Chinese medicines made from the rare herbs are used for the remedy of the diseased. The western world is also helped with the traditional medicines that are exported by various corporations in US, UK and other European Countries as well. There are believers of alternate healing and medications. They are patrons of such medicines that they take from their own knowledge or they consult the grandmasters of this disciplines who can suggest the best medicines to them.

Often the allopath pills suggested to the patients suffering from any kind of psychological traumas suffer from other side effects such as diabetes, high blood pressure and insomnia. Therefore, they often head to alternate cure like naturopathy, homeopathy and even ayurvedic- some of the ancient traditional processes that have been proved to be a great help. 

When it’s all about your health!

There is no short cut in preserving your health! You have to be careful and must follow the good and bad for your health. Whether you are young or old, you should take proper precautions in preserving your good health.

How to maintain good health?

Regular exercising: with the help of proper and regular exercising, you can stay miles away from diseases and health issues including obesity and sleeplessness. Seniors often suffer from back pain or severe pain caused from arthritis and so on. Juvenile diabetes, and high blood pressure issue is no new today, therefore, parents of kids suffering from such issues should take them out to fitness centers or else encourage them to brisk walk and drill in the morning or evening.

Maintaining balanced diet: It is always recommended to maintain good diet. This is important to balance weight and any chronic diseases that have already attacked anyone. Instead of trying fried bacons and eggs for the breakfast, people can try boiled eggs, low calorie butters with gain added wheat breads and a glass of milk instead of coffee. They should control the bad habit of taking cups of coffee and tea on regular intervals. Instead, they should try a cup of green or herbal tea and add less sugar or substitute to stay away from diabetes.

For meals, it is better to avoid red meat and greasy steaks. Instead, it is healthy to try vegetables, chicken grilled etc.

Besides, daily meditation and yoga can keep the health in excellent condition. healthy-living-web